The New School Faculty

A hallmark of The New School is its talented faculty. Each of our teachers brings a unique combination of subject expertise, intelligence, and goodwill to the larger New School community. Importantly, the majority of our faculty has been at the school for more than 10 years.

The entire faculty, administrators and teachers, is committed to close collaboration with students and parents.

Teaching Staff

Joanna Cole: Computer Science Teacher; Library Media Specialist
B.A. Information Literacy, Goddard College

Travis Cooper: U.S History/Government Teacher; Social Sciences Chair
B.A. Political Science, Carson-Newman College
M.A. Social Studies Education, George Mason University

Eden Costagliola: Math/Dance Teacher; Math Chair
B.A. Math, Vassar College
7-12 Math Teaching Certification, NY
M.A. Pure Mathematics, George Washington University

Shannan Danish: Algebra/Computer Science/Social Studies Teacher; Community Coordinator
B.A. Sociology, James Madison University
Master’s Degree Candidate, Special Education, George Mason University

Steve Elm: Theater/English Teacher; Theater Director
B.A. Honors Acting, Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, London, England

Jenny Fey: English/Social Studies Teacher
B.A. English and Linguistics, University of Mary Washington
M.A. Education in Secondary English, George Mason University

Diana Gibson: Biology Teacher
B.S. Environmental Geology; minor Hispanic Studies, The College of William and Mary
M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Environmental Education, Concordia University of Portland

Juana Gómez-Díez: Spanish/French/German Teacher
B.A. Spanish & French, E. Magisterio. Universidad de Valencia, Spain
Teaching Degree for German, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, Madrid, Spain

Kelli Griffis: English/Social Studies Teacher
M.A. English, Georgia State University
B.A. Philosophy, Swarthmore

Prachin Krents: Chemistry/Biology Teacher
B.A. History with Minor in Chemistry, University of California, Irvine
Single Subject Teaching Credential, Chemistry, General Science, and History, University of California, Irvine
J.D. University of Maryland School of Law

Carolina McLean: English/Social Sciences Teacher; ESOL Curriculum Coordinator
B.A. Social Science Education, Florida State University
M.S. Social Science Education, Florida State University

Virginia Palmer-Fuechsel: Music/Drama/German/English Teacher; Portfolios Coordinator
B.A. Music, University of Maryland
M.M. Musicology and Vocal Pedagogy, Indiana University School of Music
Ph.D. Musikwissenschaft, Technical University Berlin

William Pasour: Physics/Music Teacher; Senior Program Coordinator
B.A. Music Composition, Marlboro College

Edward "Ted" Ramsey: Artist-in-Residence; Arts Chair
B.S. Art, Atlantic Union College
35 years, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Fine Artist

Savi Ravichandran: Math/Science Teacher
B.S. (Math, Physics, Chemistry), Osmania University, India
B.Ed. (Honors: Math, Physics, Chemistry), Osmania University, India

Mary Meurisse Richardson: Elementary Teacher/Coordinator; Health & PE Chair
B.A. Sociology, St. Mary’s of Notre Dame
B.S.N. Nursing, Emory University

Jonathan Rushbrook: Theater Technology Teacher
B.A. Drama and Film Studies, Anglian Ruskin University, UK
M.A. Production Design, George Washington University

Clara Saa: Spanish Teacher
5-Year Psychology degree, Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Pamela Shope: Lower School Math/Science Teacher
B.S. General Science, Pennsylvania State University
M.A. Special Education, University of Virginia

Suzanne Stluka: French/English Teacher
B.A. French, University of Virginia
K-12 French teaching certification, Virginia’s Career Switchers program

Janis Trizna: Math/Computer Science Teacher; Technology Director; International Student Liaison
B.S. Math, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Lauren Trizna: P.E. Teacher; Athletic Director
B.S. Business Administration, Longwood University

Alan Villarreal: English/Social Studies Teacher; Lower School Director
B.A. Liberal Arts, St. John’s College
M.A. International Policy Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Matt Willmott: English Teacher; English Chair; Fairness Committee Faculty Chair
B.A. English/Psychology, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
M.A. Writing, Johns Hopkins University

Non-Teaching Administrative Staff

John Potter: Founder and Headmaster
B.S.C. Honors Biochemistry, University of Nottingham, UK
M.S. Biochemistry, University of Maryland

Steven Roushakes: High School Director and Assistant Head of School
B.A. History, The College of William and Mary
M.A. Social Sciences, The University of Chicago

Joan Goodman: School Administrator
B.A. Sociology (Education Minor), Southern Connecticut State College
Master of Public Health (M.P.H.), Yale University

Valoria Boone: Office Manager
A.A. Business Administration, Prince Georges CC

Sujatha Nukala: Comptroller
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Osmania University, India