International Admissions

An International student of The New School is defined as a student who holds the F-1 student VISA* and is enrolled and sponsored by The New School as a full-time student. The New School is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students, and has adjusted the academic curriculum to accommodate students from other countries. Refer to the section called International Program for details.

The first step in the formal admission process for international students is for a parent or guardian to contact The New School’s International Student Liaison (ISL), Janis Trizna, by phone (703-691-3040) or email: The ISL will discuss the school and get a first impression of the student applicant. If the student is not in the area, she may wish to speak to the student via Skype.


International students are required to provide the following items:

1) Completed Application Form with international and local addresses and contact information

2) Transcripts (translated into English)

3) Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

4) English Standardized Test Scores

5) Copy of Passport

6) $100 Fee

7) If the student is out of the country, a Skype or WeChat address

There will be a follow-up interview with the High School Director (grades 9-11 only) or Lower School Director (grades 4-8) in person or via Skype or WeChat once all documents are received.

Note: An application form may be downloaded from our website:

Fees and ESOL Placement:

If the student is accepted, the school will send a formal letter along with an Enrollment Form, which lists the first year tuition and fees. The school must receive a $2,000 tuition deposit before issuing an I-20 form.

There is an annual $750 International Student Fee to cover costs associated with VISA issuance and administrative duties in compliance with the U.S. Department of Immigration regulations. In addition to their regular tuition and fees, all first-year International Students are enrolled in our ESOL Program at a cost of $1,000, and are required to attend The New School two-week Orientation Program held in late August at an additional cost of $1,000. The 2017 Orientation Program dates are August 14-25. Go to the section called International Program for a description of the summer orientation:

Health Insurance

International Students are required to carry health insurance while attending The New School. There are many plans to choose from. Here are links to providers of insurance for international students:

*For questions regarding immigration and visas please visit: