Spring Break: No Open Thursday on April 13
April 11 2017

The school is closed this week, and will reopen on Tuesday, April 18. We look forward to hosting you every other Thursday from 9:15-10:15, resuming on April 20. 

A Thoughtful School of Dialogue, Decency, and Trust
November 11 2016

Dear Friends,

If there is one thing I have learned in my twenty years as an educator, it’s this:

To learn, grow, and be happy, students need to feel safe.

I remember, during the weeks after 9/11, many of our Muslim and foreign-born students felt uncertain, and downright scared, by what they perceived as a general hostility towards them among the American public. One of our parents went so far as to wear a baseball cap to cover her headscarf while driving.

But during those dark days there was never any question that The New School was, and will always be, a thoughtful school of dialogue, decency, and trust.We are an inclusive community where all of our students feel safe and thrive.

This year’s presidential campaign has been ugly and shocking, with xenophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, and Islamophobic rhetoric; and with the election of Donald Trump, people again – especially our foreign-born and Muslim citizens and residents – feel unsafe and uncertain about the future.

The feeling is not lost on children and young adults, and already we see students feeling anxious, which can only inhibit their social, emotional, and academic growth. Such a state of fear is unacceptable, especially where the wellbeing of our children is concerned.

Please know that The New School is, and will always be, an inclusive, welcoming, and safe space for all students.

Please know, too, that we are a school based on open dialogue and reason; we don’t toe a particular party line – we let our students draw their own conclusions – but we do openly cherish our diverse student body and faculty, our one-of-a-kind academic program, and the humanity and thoughtfulness of our school culture.

I'm so proud to be part of The New School, and I smile inwardly and outwardly each unique day at our wonderful school.  

My door is always open, friends. 

Very sincerely,


Steve Roushakes
Assistant Head of School
The New School of Northern Virginia

Open House every Thursday from 9:15-10:15
June 22 2016

Stop by any Thursday from 9:15-10:15 for an introduction to The New School, Q&A with the High School and Lower School Directors, and tour of the campus. Hope to see you there!

If Thursday is not convenient, call the office at 703-691-3040 and set up a tour at your convenience. 

Tashi's Turbine: Nepal Fundraiser Sunday at 7pm
January 15 2016
On Sunday, January 17, The New School is delighted to host a special movie screening presented by two of our alumni, Amitahb Joshi (class of 2007) and his sister, Swetara (class of  2011). 

Tashi'sTurbine, filmed in Nepal in 2015, is an award-winning documentary about a young man who embarks on a mission to build a wind turbine in order to bring electricity to a remote village. Here's a link to the Trailer.
The Joshis are sharing it with us to help raise funds for DROKPA, a non-profit that focuses on direct health and education aid to the Himalayan region. The movie will be followed by a Q & A with Amitahb, the film's producer, as well as a few post-earthquake shorts. 

For more information about the movie and tickets, see the attached flyer.
Please invite your family and friends!

Cinderella: British Panto January 15-17
January 11 2016
The New School of Northern Virginia Brit Panto Class is presenting its British Panto inspired adaptation of Cinderella on Friday and Saturday, Jan 15 and 16 at 7pm, and Sunday, Jan 17, at 2pm. 

Panto is not pantomime in the mime sense -- it is the retelling of a traditional tale through the use of comedy, farce, slapstick and music. This raucous, rowdy and irreverent production promises to provide great fun for children of all ages, and some wink wink naughty fun for grownups as well. Our show will have a unique New School flavor, so bring the family to this tasty theatrical event and join in the fun and laughs.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students, and can be reserved by calling The New School at 703 691 3040. Questions? Contact Steve Elm:

Elementary Class Performs at Folger Theatre
June 4 2015
The elementary drama class successfully performed their 15-minute cut of "The Scottish Play" at the Folger Children's Shakespeare Festival. They had learned the basics of swordplay from an expert, and choreographed a great fight scene. Two of the kids engaged in a mini-fight across the stage during the opening narration; the audience was impressed by the way they "sold" the action while delivering their lines with force and feeling. 

Spring String Thing 2015 at JMU
June 3 2015
Music teacher Dr. Virginia Palmer-Fuechsel took five New School students to James Madison University in May to participate in Spring String Thing. Andrew Dahm, Aidan Reid and Jimmy Stluka performed on violin, while Ben Breene and Nick Samuelian played the viola. We're proud of all of you!

Ensemble Class Writes & Performs "Is This the Real Life?"
May 30 2015
Steve Elm's Theatre Ensemble class performed an entirely student-created production called Is This The Real Life? Wow!

TEDxYouth at The New School, May 16th from 1-6 pm
May 11 2015

Young people can be sophisticated in their thinking, scholarship, and communication. The New School of Northern Virginia is excited to invite you to this unique TEDx event that showcases the intellect and insight of our community's youth. 

This TEDxYouth event (TEDxYouth@NSNVA) is scheduled for Saturday, May 16th, from 1:00-6:00pm. The event theme is The Examined Life and young people from The New School and surrounding area schools will explore topics as engaging and diverse as transhumanism, learning from nature, theater and healing, and revolutions in education.

Tickets are free and can be reserved by emailing Travis Cooper at Seating is limited, so please email Travis soon. More information at Hope to see you there! 

Spain Trip participants finally over jet lag!
May 10 2015
Teachers and Spanish students who visited Madrid and environs for a week have recovered from jet lag just in time for AP exams. 

Science Fest is BACK! Students from every grade took part; over 40 entries
April 24 2015

Project titles included "How to make lightning," "Evolution of Smart Phones,"  "Crystal Snowflakes," and "The Effect of Scary Videos on the Human Body."

Two students, Shiyuan Song and Anna Li, presented a very persuasive experiment on the antioxidant effects of green tea about halfway through the event. 

New School students getting their hands dirty helping elephants in Thailand
April 20 2015

New School students volunteered at Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for abused elephants, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Students prepared elephant food, cleaned wildlife areas, and even bathed elephants in a river. This trip helped students learn about the plight of domesticated and wild elephants, and empowered them to improve the lives of these amazing creatures in a totally unique and tangible way. They experienced and lived in another culture.

The cultural exposure and the experience they had helping these magnificent creatures, we believe, broadened their appreciation of life on earth.

Dateline March 27th: Exhibitions for high school and junior high school students
March 29 2015
An exhibition is a public demonstration of mastery of the coursework the student has engaged in in the last quarter. Typically an exhibition is an in-depth response to an  Essential Question in front of teachers and fellow students.

The Laramie Project opened to on.
March 12 2015

"(we) were blown away by The Laramie Project last night, and Steve E. deserves huge congratulations for his work. He has coaxed some absolutely fantastic performances out of all of the students"

" Hats off to you, (director) Steve E., for drawing out such brilliant talent from each and everyone of such diverse personalities. It was such a well presented play of the tragic day that it actually transported me back to that time and location"

"Please, don't miss it. You will resonate with each character of the play and admire all the effort behind it. Excellent direction, casting, and performance! "

Dateline Sunday March 8..New School Students as Emerging Playwrights/Writers
March 9 2015

The students' plays were read by professional actors from Hub Theater (in residence at The New School).

Participating were Joe Neff (Courage) , Hallie Schlaffer (Perfect), Mary Beth Doebel (My Crazy Messed up Life), Maggie Duncan (Micah), Celia Martyn (Satan and other White House Shenanigans), Shiyuan Song (Good Girl).

A wonderful afternoon. 

New School Students at Johns Hopkins Math Competition
February 18 2015

On Valentine’s Day 2015, four New School Students showed their love…for math!  Yizhou Fang, Tony Jiang, Steven Liu, and Jasmine Jiang went to Johns Hopkins for their annual math tournament sponsored by their Undergraduate Math Club.  The students competed in a team round where they had the opportunity to learn some new (college level) math, and individual rounds in Algebra and Geometry. During our lunch break we toured the Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus where the tournament was held and looked for some photo opportunities (in a classroom, the library, and in front of the East Gate), and finished out the day with a fun trivia competition. In the evening we drove home through blizzard conditions where the students championed me as I competed for safe driver award trying to move the car forward when the snow made it difficult to see more than 10 feet in front of the car.

--Eden Costagliola, Math Department Chair

New School Named Top High School for Second Year
January 6 2015
By Virginia Living Magazine for innovation in the arts and humanities and our creative, collaborative work with Hub Theater.

Erin Lager wins first place in Teen Writing Contest
September 9 2014
Junior Erin Lager submitted an essay she wrote for Matt's English class to the Teen Writing Contest sponsored by the City of Alexandria Public Library and won first place in the High School division. She's holding one of her prizes: a new Kindle Fire HD. Congratulations, Erin!

The New School cited by Washington Post education writer Jay Mathews
July 25 2013
Jay Mathews' article, A visionary's final ideas on fixing high schools (The Washington Post, June 24), cites The New School as one of only three members of the Coalition of Essential Schools in the Washington area and notes that Founder Ted Sizer favored the graduate school model of oral exams throughout high school. At The New School we use oral exhibitions as a key assessment tool each quarter from junior high through high school, plus we require a senior exhibition. You can find the article online on the Post Local education page: