Letter from the Head of School

Students, Parents, and Friends,


For thirty years, The New School has been an innovative and student-centered voice in education. It’s not easy to sum up a school as unique as ours.


Perhaps the best word to describe The New School is thoughtful. Our students feel intellectually excited and challenged, and appreciated as individuals by their teachers and peers. We know that such a culture of thoughtfulness – of the mind and heart – brings out the best in teachers and students and makes for a rich and wholesome school environment, thus creating an ideal foundation for learning.


Another word that captures the essence of The New School is dialogue. We are, first and foremost, a school with small-seminar classes where teachers and students co-create the learning in the classroom, and where teachers engage students in conversations about their work and academic growth. Through dialogue with their teachers and accountability for their work, our students learn to advocate for themselves, understand themselves as successful learners, and take charge of their academic lives.


Our mission has always been to help students learn to use their minds well. Our curriculum focuses on applied learning, critical thought, and mastery of academic skills – what we call “deep learning” – and is, we feel, an ideal preparation for college. We know, too, that giving students choices in the direction of their work fosters “ownership” – students feeling invested in their work, good about themselves, and inspired to set higher and higher expectations for their work.


It’s no wonder our graduates emerge as self-reliant, skilled learners, decent individuals who have a strong sense of self and are prepared to succeed in the colleges of their choice.


There is so much more to say about our thoughtful school. We love visitors, and I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to show you around and discuss in depth our one-of-a-kind program.


Steve Roushakes

Head of School


We love visitors and welcome the opportunity to discuss in depth our one-of-a-kind program.