The New School is committed to training its students to use their minds well. As such, New School teachers employ authentic models of assessment (essays, presentations, portfolios, etc.), rather than standardized tests, that require students to exhibit their understanding and ability to apply course content and skills.


Beyond such regular class assignments, students present formal, public exhibitions as final exams for their morning module classes. Importantly, in their exhibitions, students do more than simply recite a list of facts or present prescribed conclusions. Rather, students answer the essential question of the class in the form of an argument; students are expected to construct a meaningful perspective and to communicate that perspective to others.


Exhibitions thus represent public performances of knowledge that ask students to demonstrate

(1) their understanding of a body of information,

(2) the skills needed to make sense of that information, and

(3) the skills needed to communicate that understanding to others.


For guidance on New School exhibitions, download the Exhibition Handbook: A Guide for Creating and Presenting Exhibitions.

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