The Arts

The arts are at the heart of a New School education. Our Black Box theater and fine arts space provide an environment where students reach their creative potential. We host several theater, dance, music, and fine arts performances and exhibitions each year.  Students take ownership of these events and act as colleagues in their design and implementation.



Clubs are an integral part of the New School community. Students and faculty are free to organize clubs and activities. This freedom has led to a diversity of clubs that appeal to student interests.


Current clubs include:

Chess Club
Soccer Club
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Dr. Who Club
Anime Club
Art Club
Youth Theater
Improv Club
Debate Club
Music Club
Knitting Club
Diplomacy Club
Cooking Club


The New School is a member of the Independent Small Schools Athletic Conference. The league organizes games between schools of similar size. Students are encouraged to participate in athletics outside of their required gym classes, whether in a competitive varsity sport or a more relaxed club sport. There are no cuts, and athletics cater to students of all ability levels.


Currently, The New School offers:
Girls Volleyball
Ultimate Frisbee Club

International Travel

Each year, The New School hosts several international trips. These trips are theme-based and provide students an important opportunity to apply their foreign language skills, make new friends, and connect with other cultures and communities.


Notable past trips and their focuses include:

Vienna, Austria – Architecture and Design
Paris, France – Language and Culture
Madrid, Spain – Language and Culture
London, England – Shakespeare and the Globe Theater
Machu Picchu, Peru – Community Service
Thailand – Community Service
Kenya – Community Service
Berlin, Germany – Film and Culture
Ghana – Technical Training and Cultural Exchange

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Student Government

One way The New School cultivates community is through our student government, whose officers are elected by the entire student body. The student government operates a school store, plans events like field day and prom, runs a peer tutoring program, and funds various student-initiated projects throughout the year.


Being a small, close-knit community allows us to organize one-of-a-kind events that celebrate the interests of our students and faculty. Thanksgiving dinner is not normally something an entire school would enjoy together, but that’s exactly what we did this year, complete with traditional Native American corn soup and circle dancing. Students and faculty organize Halloween parties, Chinese New Year celebrations, charity events, and day trips. Organizing special events not only helps students feel accepted and appreciated, but allows them to practice their leadership and organizational skills.


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