Alan Villarreal Lower School Coordinator; English/Social Studies Teacher

Alan Villarreal

Subject: Lower School Coordinator; English/Social Studies Teacher

Education: B.A. Liberal Arts, St. John’s College;
M.A. International Policy Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies


Phone: (703) 691-3040

Alan is one of those rare people who can spend a lot of time around junior high students and remain a happy and apparently sane adult. He has taught junior high English and social studies since 2001 and has been Lower School Director since 2004, and he continues to enjoy the energy, enthusiasm, and new ideas that his students bring to school every day. He also teaches high school world studies, including classes on the Age of Discovery and America Before Columbus. Prior to coming to The New School, he worked and taught in Japan, Spain, and Mexico. In his spare time, he reads fantasy and science fiction, plays massively multiplayer video games, and watches historical dramas about rampaging pirates and Vikings. You see, a completely happy and sane adult.