Joanna Cole Library Media Specialist; Computer Science Teacher

Joanna Cole

Subject: Library Media Specialist; Computer Science Teacher

Education: B.A. Information Literacy, Goddard College


Phone: (703) 691-3040

In 2002, as a student at The New School, Joanna was voted “most likely to come back and teach at The New School.” In 2008 we were looking for a school librarian, and she jumped at the offer to work at her alma mater. Joanna started working in public libraries in Northern Virginia as a teenager. Besides teaching effective research skills to the students, Joanna is the sponsor of many clubs and activities. Her other academic pursuits include social media usage by teenagers, oral history, and genealogy. In her spare time Joanna likes craft projects—quilting, card making, sewing, crocheting. She enjoys collecting small things—stamps, coins, silly socks, keys to nothing, bottle caps; most prized is her collection of fortunes from fortune cookies. Also an avid baker, Joanna has been in pursuit of the perfect chocolate chip cookie for over a decade now.