Virginia Palmer-Fuechsel Music/Drama/German/English Teacher; Portfolios Coordinator

Virginia Palmer-Fuechsel

Subject: Music/Drama/German/English Teacher; Portfolios Coordinator

Education: B.A. Music, University of Maryland
M.M. Musicology and Vocal Pedagogy, Indiana University School of Music
Ph.D. Musikwissenschaft, Technical University Berlin


Phone: (703) 691-3040

Virginia Palmer-Fuechsel gained her unpronounceable last name in Berlin, Germany while performing as a concert singer and finishing her doctoral dissertation on the avant-garde vocal chamber music of Hans Werner Henze. With the Wall as her neighbor, she spent the next fifteen years raising a German-American family and working as a freelance singer, composer, music teacher, and writer. Just a few years after returning to the States in 1999, she turned to teaching full time at The New School. Virginia sees the world through the lenses of music, but enjoys exploring and teaching a wide variety of subjects. Favorites from the last few years are Sherlock, the History of Rock and Roll, Communicating Effectively, Elementary Drama, and German. One of her passions is planning and taking field trips with students. Whenever possible, she steals time for good reads, handwork while watching movies, traveling, gardening, and composing or arranging new pieces.