March 2020 Newsletter



Term 2019-2020 | Issue 5 | March 2020

Steve says…
Steve Roushakes

I’m seeing a lot of project work as I walk around the school and peek into classes. Morning Modules are focusing on exhibitions now, of course, but we also have our Science Fest in two weeks. Many classes this quarter are science-based and project-based. 

Good teachers know that students are most invested and truly learn when they are working toward a meaningful goal, using multiple skills, reason, knowledge, and creativity. This is the great value of student-driven projects, which are featured in many of our classes and represent an important method of learning and assessment at The New School. 

Learning for us is about depth of understanding and sophistication of academic skills. Projects allow teachers and students to work “at eye level”: students have considerable say in the direction of their work, and teachers give students specific, encouraging feedback and challenge them to hone their skills and master content. Growth is a process; we value giving students time to think and learn deeply, with choice and direction, rather than base learning uniquely on memorization and the quicker and quicker pace of instruction. 

Our great hope and faith is that, with choice, purpose, and time to think, our students will develop a sense of ownership of their work and come to set high, confident expectations for themselves. 

Best of luck to the students on their exhibitions and Science Fest projects!

Virus Update
Joan Goodman

The new COVID-19 coronavirus is very much on our minds these days. We’re watching the spread of the virus very closely, tuning in to what public health experts have to say, and discussing as a staff what actions we might need to take depending on circumstances we can’t predict. We’re looking at ways to keep classes going remotely if we’re forced to shut down for some period of time, but of course we hope it doesn’t come to that.

Meanwhile, we’re reminding students to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently, to cough into their sleeves, and to stay at home if they’re feverish or feeling sick. Our cleaners are disinfecting surfaces daily. We’ll do our best to minimize any academic disruption, but the health and safety of our students and staff always comes first.

The New School Theater Department Presents…
Noelle Andreano

10 out of 12 follows a small group of theatre technicians as they desperately try to put on what is possibly the worst off, off, off, off-broadway show ever to grace the stage. You will witness the stage manager try to wrangle the cast and crew to get through their 10-hour tech day. Will the show go on? Only time will tell.Warning – This show contains some offensive language and discussions on sex.

Set Design by Sofie Strompf

Lighting Design by Maia Samuelian

Costumes by Elena Hamann

March Events

3/12 School Play 7pm

3/13 Pajama Day

3/13 School Play 7pm

3/14 School Play 7pm

3/15 School Play 1:30pm

3/23 Senior Exhibition Presentations

3/25 Science Fest 4:30pm

3/25-26 Q3 Exhibitions 

3/27 NO SCHOOL (Teacher Workday)

3/30-4/13 Spring Break

See More Calendar

30th Anniversary Celebration

Remember to save the date for The New School’s 30th Anniversary Celebration!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Tickets on sale soon.  

Sponsorship opportunities are now available! Contact Noelle to learn more.

We hope to see you there!

A Night of Scientific Exploration
Noelle Andreano

Everyone in the New School community is invited to our annual Science Fest on Wednesday, March 25th at 4:30pm.

New School students are hard at work on projects spanning multiple scientific fields and topics.  They are excited to present their discoveries to you!

Here are just a few of the questions students are working to discover answers to:

  • What impact does electricity have in our world, and how can understanding the laws of electricity keep us safer?
  • How do environmental problems intersect with social problems?
  • How does studying life sciences help us humans?

And this is just a small sampling of the projects that will be presented:

  • Making the Strongest Electromagnet
  • Experimenting with Slime
  • Water Purification Method Effectiveness to Remove E. Coli
  • Deforestation in the Amazon
  • Analyzing an Unknown Acid Using Advanced Lab Techniques
  • Programming a Computer Game

You are sure to learn something new, and to gain different perspectives on the world around us when you visit students’ exhibits.

Please join us for this fun night of scientific exploration at The New School!

Seeking Judges for the Science Fest
Rachel Lewis

Do you have a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math, etc.), or an interest in STEM fields? We are seeking volunteer judges for the Science Fest on Wednesday, March 25th.

Judges should plan on being at the school from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. that evening to prepare, judge projects, and enjoy a casual catered dinner.

If you’d like to judge, fill out this form:

Sign Up Form

Thank you in advance for helping make our Science Fest successful!

Contact Rachel Lewis if you have any questions.

Learning in Action

Students in Developmental Psychology replicated famous cognitive psychology experiments by testing the preschool and elementary age children of New School faculty members. A big thank you to the parents and children for helping students test these important concepts!

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