Open Houses

Open House Dates

The best way to learn more about our wonderful school is to visit. Open Houses and Drop-In Thursdays are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, but we are scheduling individual visits to allow students and parents to meet with teachers and administrators, tour the school, and learn about our unique and engaging classes.


We are now taking applications for the 2021-22 school year; financial aid is available. Call us at 703-691-3040 or request to Schedule a Meeting for more information or to make an appointment to come in at your convenience.



Drop-In Thursdays

Thursday Drop-in Sessions9:15-10:15

Usually, we offer sessions every Thursday throughout the school year and summer. These are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, but we would love to schedule an individual visit with you: you can either call us at 703-691-3040 or request a meeting.


Come by and meet our Head of School, look in on classes and learn why The New School is considered a unique educational gem in the Washington area.